Stainless Steel Multi-Branch Vacuum Filteration Manifold


Available in 4 models: MFS-2A-250/500 MFS-2B-500 MFS-3A-250/500 MFS-3B-500 MFS-6A-250/500 MFS-6B-500 MFS-10A-250/500 MFS-10B-500



HKM Stainless Steel Multi-branch Manifold Filter System is safe, reliable, beautiful, environmental-friendly, high efficient and source saving. It is one of the necessary equipments in microbiological laboratory. The Filter System is applied in areas of scientific research, inspection, quality supervision, drinking water, medicine and beverages, etc. 

Features and advantages:  

1. Patent product:

The stainless steel fixture obtains patent for its design. It is safe, simple and convenient.

2. Modular design:

There is an independent switch in every funnel. You can filter the single sample or more than one sample at the same time. The filter system integrates one stop solution, it equipped with oil-free vacuum pump and autoclavable liquid storage bottle. This system is fit for using in the clean room and lab etc.

3. Scientific and ergonomic design:

Stainless steel filter cloth is made of high grade 316L stainless steel to ensure the microorganism and granule can distribute equably on the surface of the filter. It won’t fracture or bore a hole during filtering.

4. Avoid second pollution:

There is a cover in every funnel. The Air Filter(optional) can be installed on the hole in cover, which avoid second pollution during leaching.

5. Enhance detection efficacy:

It is easy to clean and sterilize. You can choose moist heat(121°C or 134°C) for 15min or dry heat(180°C) for 120min, and the most effective method is flame ignition using the optional equipped sterilizer. There are clear graduations in the funnel. It is convenient to add the sample quickly and exactly.

6. Durable material:

The main components (the filter, the filter fastener, valve, fixture, filter cloth et al) are made of 316L stainless steel.


Filter number23610
Funnel and cover number23610
Funnel volume250/500ml
Funnel support1
Applicable membraneType A: Φ47mm
Type B: Φ35mm
Applicable oil-free
piston vacuum pump
(Portable, Maximum air flow: 22L/min)
Ultimate vacuum: ≥0.08Mpa
(Maximum air flow:79L/min)
Ultimate vacuum: ≥0.08Mpa
Disc filter piece3
Vacuum Liquid
Storage Tanks
1L (Optional 2L/3L/4L)
With preventing Overflow Tool, liquid lever display
Membrane Filter for microbiological analysis (Optional)Φ47*0.45μm/0.22μm,200 pieces/box (Individual Pack, sterilized)
Funnel fire sterilizer
PT-220 (Butane gas)
Net weight5.7Kg8Kg13.5Kg21Kg

Packaging & Shipping

Size: 440*260*280mm

Gross Weight: 7Kg

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