9802 Infra Red Sterilizer For Inoculation Loops


800 degree Celsius


Working principle:

Things that need to sterilize can be placed at high efficient ceramic infrared heating tube where temperature can reach to 900 °C, through 5-7 seconds high temperature burn, it can be fully disinfected.


It is a new type of high temperature sterilizing device, which can be widely used in disinfection of inoculation loops, inoculation needles, small tweezers, small scissors etc.  It is easy to use, no fire and no air turbulence, so it is an optimal mini sterilizing equipment for purgative working table and bio-safety cabinets. Because it not influenced by wind, so can be used beside ventilator, on the mobile van and others. And no oxygen needed in working, so also applied in anaerobic chamber environments.


1: Can set sterilizing temperature

It equipped with digital display, user can set sterilizing temperature according to experiment need. And real time display actual sterilizing temperature when working, ensuring disinfection effect. User can also test effects using different temperature to get optical setting for specific experiments. 

2: Built-in microprocessor temperature controller

Using self-tuning PID technology, it can accurately control temperature and respond fast. Thanks to the temperature control function, when temperature reaches setting value, it will automatically stop heating, which reduce energy consumption, prolong heating tube life span. This device is surely a high performance, energy saving and environment friendly equipment. 

3: High performance ceramic infrared heating tube

Long working life, organic material inside the ceramic tube get podzolized in case of contamination.

4: No environment influence

Applied in all kinds of environments without limitation, easy to operate,  no fire and no air turbulence. Purgative working table and  bio-safety cabinets and  anaerobic chamber and others are all applicable.

5: Ergonomic design

It adopts ergonomic design, compact in size and light in weight. Besides, exterior made of 304 stainless steel, graceful and anti corrosion and easy to clean.

Technical specifications:

 Sterilizing tube length130mm100mm
 Max disinfection diameter≤Φ14mm≤Φ53mm
 Max temperature in center900°C (suggested sterilizing temperature: 800°C )
 Temperature control scopeRT+5°C-900°C
 Heat-up time750°C < 20min
 Power supplyAC220V±15%, 50Hz
 Net weight1.6kg1.48kg
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