ShockMixer-1 High Frequency Vibration Homogenizer





It employs a novel technology, to prepare microbial suspension by means of high frequency vibration. A standard way described in ISO7218:2007. It is wildly applied in animal tissue, dairy products, cosmetics homogenization, and more comprehensively used in microbial sample preparation of medicine, disposable medical products and food. This is the first step of microbial analysis, in homogenization, microbial in handling sample shall get released and not get killed, and at the same time avoid outside microbial comes inside, our ShockMixer can well meet these requirements.


The ShockMixer-1 high frequency vibration homogenizer produces high frequency shock waves to vibrate sample bag, developing intense mixing effect which rapidly detaches trapped microbial on the surface and inside of sample, releasing them into suspension. ShockMixer-1 reduces damage to sample, getting a cleaner and less particulate suspension which is much easier pipette than samples prepared by current standard methods.


1. Standard sample preparation method

In ISO7218:2007, high frequency vibration homogenizer was appointed as standard sample preparation method.

2. Better homogenization effect

93/sec frequency, has much better microbial releasing effect than 9/sec traditional homogenizer, so it has a better microbial releasing effect, especially to preserved food and candy etc. Experiments shows ShockMixer has good effect in knocking down mildew, yeast spores and with better accuracy.

3. No microorganism killing

High frequency ShockMixer will not kill microorganism during usage, which is same with paddle homogenizer and better than stirring homogenizer

4. Avoid contamination

Using individual sterilized sample bag, avoid outside microbial contaminate sample, and also not need to sterilize the device, save time.

5. Reduce bag burst, wide applicability

Not need to crush sample, and not easy get sample bag broken, so more kinds of sample are available. Even to rigid samples like hard candy, pill tablet, fish bone, walnut are applicable.

6. Less debris

Sample suspension is clear, easy for pipette and filtering sample, without obstruction to pipette. Few debris also largely reduce interference in some rapid testing method (like ATP florescent analysis etc.)

7. Generate stir effect

In the process of high frequency vibration, stir also achieved and has good stir effect to powder and liquid.


 Model ShockMixer-1
 Max capacity 250ml
 Frequency 93/sec
 Power output 60W
 Size 315X275X254mm
 Weight 11.5kg
 Power supply 220V 50HZ

Optional accessories:

 Accessory name Specifications Remark
 Homogenizing bag 250ml,100 piece/box Sterilized
 Opener Acrylic glass Assist to open bag and put in sample
 Sample bag rack 12 grids For sample bag placement
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