WBK Series- Electric Thermostatic Water Bath





WBK Series Thermostatic Water Bath is mainly used for the laboratory distillation, drying, concentration and soaking the chemical or biological products, for constant temperature heating and other temperature test. It is an indispensable tool in biological, mining, chemical, medical and health, laboratories, education and scientific research etc.


1. Water bath shell, top cover, bottom plate are made of high quality 304 steel, elegant and durable.

2. Using integrated stainless steel container, no leakage, easy to clean.

3. With built in self-tuning PID technique, the microprocessor intelligent temperature control system can adjust temperature quickly, with high accuracy.

4. Adopts timing function, it allows user to freely set thermostat time and stops heating when reaching that time period. Also it equipped alarming function to prompt user when temperature goes wrong.

5. WBK-502S and WBK-800 water bath also has circulating pump, which can deliver thermostat water to outside.

6. Ergonomic design, with microprocessor display on ramp surface, convenient to operate.

7. Wavy style heaters making temperature more uniform.

8. Easy for inspection and maintenance.

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