Wireless- Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System

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Wireless monitor



The wireless monitoring system is independently designed and developed by Guangdong Huankai Microbial Sci. & Tech. Co.: Ltd., based on sensor technology, network technology, information technology et al together, with the function of data-recording, data processing and alarming. The system can simultaneously record temperature and humidity data in all terminals, and send them back to the computer. Data monitor, analysis, saving and printing can be realized by the temperature and humidity monitoring software.  And optional the system can be equipped with sound or light alarm as well as mobile SMS alarm system. 


With the rapid development and extensive application of new technology, there are more and more high-performance equipments. Temperature and humidity monitoring system with high accuracy is required in all trades and professions such as biochemical experiments, agricultural research, and industries of pharmaceutical, food, storage and transportation, etc.

1. The requirements of biochemical experiments on the temperature and humidity environment and equipment

For biochemical research areas, most of the experiments are conducted under conditions with specific temperature and humidity, especially for microbiological experiments which have the most stringent accuracy requirements on temperature and humidity. A very accurate temperature and humidity control of the testing environment and equipment would significantly affect the accuracy and reproducibility of the experiment results.

2. The requirements of drug storage on the temperature and humidity

Empirical data has revealed that a 10 °C rise in experiment temperature will generally leads to the acceleration of chemical reaction 2 to 4 times.  This suggests the temperature and humidity of storage setting are key factors affecting the quality of drugs, so medicine warehouse temperature and humidity must be strictly controlled.

3. The requirements of clean workshop on temperature and humidity

Nowadays, the government has put increasingly stringent requirements for the clean workshop. To ensure good product quality, the user must strictly controlled temperature and humidity of the workshop, especially the humidity. In a dry workshop, circuit damage would be caused by the generation of static electricity. When the workshop is moisturized, the electronic board would occur in different degree of separation, further resulting in decline of yield rate.

4. The requirements of greenhouse on temperature and humidity

Greenhouse’s temperature, humidity and light intensity play a key role in the growth of vegetables and flowers. Therefore, effectively monitoring and controlling temperature and humidity has significant impact on the output of greenhouse products.

5. The requirements of archives on temperature and humidity

Archive is the place where files are preserved permanently. The preservation quality, physical life, mildew proof and pest control of the files are closely related to temperature and humidity. Once the storage temperature and humidity are out of control, a series of file protection problems will occur. Special attention should be given to timely and effective regulation and control of temperature and humidity, which is the key factor to protecting and extending the life of files.


1. Real- time temperature and humidity data acquisition, quick response.

2. Applying wireless transmission technique to transmit digital signal. Temperature and humidity data in the collector can be automatically transmitted from the receiver to the computer, then realize real-time monitoring by using the temperature and humidity monitoring software.

3. The collector has data storage function, even when the temperature and humidity monitoring software or computer is off, the temperature and humidity data can still be automatically saved (temperature and humidity data would not disappear even the computer is closed). When the temperature and humidity monitoring software is running and connected to the collector, data stored in the collector can be retrieved and downloaded for further analysis and processing.

4. The collector has alarm function (with a built-in buzzer), user can set upper and lower alarm limit of temperature and humidity in the monitoring software according to actual needs. An external sound – light alarm can also be used when needed.

5. The temperature and humidity monitoring software employs windows 98/2000/XP/7 graphical interface, displaying and recording real-time data and curve of temperature and humidity and indicating maximum, minimum and average, accumulative value as well as alarming screen.

6. The system has a limit alarm function, when the temperature and humidity data exceeds the set standard, the system will automatically send alarm signals, and send alerts via mobile SMS prompts the user at the same time.

7. A wireless receiver can connect up to 250 collectors with easy installation, without drilling and re-wiring.

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