Portable Chlorine Meter


Warranty: 2 Years Display: Digital Appliance: Biochemistry, Water Analyzer Portable: Portable Certification: ISO9001


The portable colorimeter is run at single wavelength. The LCD display the concentration directly, the unit is mg/L.

The instrument use a section of 9V-battery to supply energy, this battery can be used for more than 40h, for the soft of the instrument has been set as the “power saver” model. Please press the “ON/OFF” button to cut the electrical source after test.

The pocket colorimeter has been passed the strict test before leaving the factory; it is accord with the manual.


  1. Fill a 10-mL cell with sample (the blank).
  2. Pull out the colorimeter cover.Press the POWER key to turn the meter on.
  3. Place the blank in the cell holder, aim at the triangle symbol. Cover the cell with the cap
  4. Press ZERO
  5.  Take out the blank sample
  6.  Fill a second 10-mL cell to the 10-mL line with sample.
  7.  Add the reagent to the sample cell, cap the cell
  8. Place the prepared sample cell in the cell holder after the wait for specified time
  9. Cover the cell with the instrument cap.
  10. Press READ. The instrument will show the results


  1. Low Cost
  2. Quick and Simple
  3. Accurate and Reliable
  4. Small, light and easy to carry
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