Chemical Oxygen Demand Test Kit


50 tests/box, available in 3 test ranges: 0 - 8 mg/L 0 - 100 mg/L 0 - 250 mg/L


Product Description


Chemical oxygen demand(COD) reflects the pollution degree of water caused by reducing substances. The reducing substances in water include organic matters, nitrites, ferrous salts, sulfides,etc. The potassium permanganate method is simple and quick and can be easily used to the rapid determination of COD.


Based on basic potassium permanganate method. Under alkaline condition, oxidize the reducing substances (except for nitrites) by potassium permanganate. The color depth is proportional to the concentration of chemical oxygen demand(COD)


0~8 mg/L, 0 – 100 mg/L, 0 – 250 mg/L


This test kit can be used to measure COD in water sample with relatively low concentration of organic matters such as irrigation water, drinking water, boiler water, surface water and ground water,etc.

Cod Test Kit, Chemical Oxygen Demand Test Kit- (0-8mg/L) -Cod Assay Kit- Cod
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