Sterilized Plastic Vacuum Filter Funnel Cups

$110 - 125

100mL 144 cups/box



Disposable sterile plastic filter funnel is used for microbial detection by membrane method and supporting filtration system


No need for sterilization, direct use, with third-party sterility test reports

High tightness prevents sample side leakage,

High transparency, high toughness material, meeting regulatory requirements

Provide 100ml and 250ml sterile funnels for user selection

With a filter cup graduation line for convenient filtration of samples of different volumes

The inside of the funnel is smooth, without scratches and dead corners

Food grade polymer material without inhibiting microbial growth

Technical Parameters:

Filter cup material: PP (polypropylene)

Filter membrane diameter: 47mm

Filter area: 17.3cm2

Filter cup volume: 100ml

Shelf life: 2 years

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