Urea Agar Base




For differentiating enteric bacteria based on urease activity by adding 40% sterile urea solution.

Peptone provides the carbon and nitrogen; maintain a balanced osmotic sodium chloride; potassium dihydrogen phosphate is buffers; decomposing bacteria urease urea medium, produce large amounts of ammonia, agar as medium coagulant.

Formulation (per liter):
Peptone 1g
Sodium chloride 5g
Glucose 1g
Ppotassium dihydrogen phosphate 2g
Phenol red 0.012g
Agar 12g
Final pH7.2 ± 0.2

How to use:
1.Suspend 21g in 1L of distilled or deionized water. Heat with frequent agitation and boil to completely dissolve the powder. Distribute into flasks. Autoclave at 121 for 15 minutes. cooling to 50-55 and adding 40% urea solution.
2.Diluted and treated samples.

Storage: Store in a dark, cool and dry place, tighten the cap immediately after use. Storage period of three years.

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