022010P1 Nutrient Broth




For cultivating and enriching non-fastidious bacteria, and for evaluating the efficacy of disinfection.

Peptone and beef extract powder provide nitrogen, vitamins, amino acids and carbon; sodium chloride to maintain osmotic equilibrium.

Formulation(per liter):
Peptone 10.0g
Beef Extract 3.0g
Sodium Chloride 5.0g
Final pH 7.4 ± 0.2

How to use:
1.Suspend 18g in 1L of distilled water, stirring heated to boiling to completely dissolve, autoclave at 121℃ for 15 minutes.
2.Diluted and treated samples.

Quality control:

ItemThe name and number of strainGrowthColony Color
1Escherichia coli ATCC25922GoodTurbid broth,slight precipitate
2Staphylococcus aureus ATCC25922GoodTurbid broth,slight precipitate

Storage: Keep container tightly closed, store in a cool, dry place, away from bright light. Storage period of 3 years.

Specifications: 250g/bottle

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