HuanKai, Your Trusted Partner in Quality and Safety.

News 30 11 月, 2023

HuanKai is obsessed with product quality and customer satisfaction. We are ISO 9001 certified and committed to empowering industry professionals to ensure safety in the pharmaceutical, clinical, food, water, veterinary, agricultural, and environmental industries.

ISO 9001 Certificate

We are also conscientious about our environmental footprint. Therefore, we have complied with the ISO 14001 standard to minimize our impact by using environment-friendly ingredients and packaging for our products.

ISO 14001 Certificate

We could not have been here today without our dedicated employees and their contributions. HuanKai strives to provide a safe and healthy workplace following ISO 45001.

ISO 45001 Certificate

HuanKai owns more than 200 patents and many other certifications. We have more qualifications than we can list in this short article. Most importantly, HuanKai is always looking for ways to improve, innovate, and live up to our commitment to being the trusted partner you can count on.